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"Weird Al" Yankovic - Tacky

“Tacky” by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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It might seem crazy, wearing stripes and plaid
I Instagram every meal I've had
All my used liquor bottles are on display
We can go to see a show but I'll make you pay
Wear my belt with suspenders and sandals with my socks
(Because I'm Tacky)
Got some new glitter Uggs and lovely pink sequinned Crocs
(Because I'm Tacky)
Never let you forget some favor I did for you
(Because I'm Tacky)
If you're okay with that, then, you might just be tacky, too
I meet some chick, ask her this and that
Like are you pregnant girl, or just really fat? (What?)
Well, now I'm dropping names almost constantly
That's what Kanye West keeps telling me, here's why
Wear my Ed Hardy shirt with fluorescent orange pants
(Because I'm Tacky)
Got my new resume it's printed in Comic Sans
(Because I'm Tacky)
Think it's fun threatening waiters with a bad Yelp review
(Because I'm Tacky)
If you think that's just fine, then, you're probably tacky, too
Bring me shame, can't nothing
Bring me shame, can never know why
Bring me shame, can't nothing
Bring me shame, I said
Bring me shame, can't nothing
Bring me shame, it's pointless to try
Bring me shame, can't nothing
Bring me shame, I said
43 Bumper Stickers and a "YOLO" license plate
(Because I'm Tacky)
Bring along my coupon book whenever I'm on a date
(Because I'm Tacky)
Practice my twerking moves in line at the DMV
(Because I'm Tacky)
Took the whole bowl of restaurant mints. Hey, it said they're free
(Because I'm Tacky)
I get drunk at the bank
And take off my shirt, at least
(Because I'm Tacky)
I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased
(Because I'm Tacky)
If I'm bitten by a zombie, I'm probably not telling you
(Because I'm Tacky)
If you don't think that's bad, guess what, then you're tacky, too
Come on!

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Tacky the Penguin

Written By: Helen Lester
Illustrated By: Lynn Munsinger




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